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The electronic products have been growing rapidly in India. Mobile phones are almost pervasive. TV has become integral part of all households. Laptops, desktops and tablets have been growing rapidly.

Similarly other consumer appliances have also seen a significant growth in demand. Improving economic conditions, affordability of products and growing consumerism in Rural India are the primary drivers

of this growth. While the products have been proliferating in numbers, there has been a growing chasm in the quality service available in the market for out of warranty products. With almost no

affordable option available in the market, consumers have to fall back on mom and pop stores, who most often do not do a quality job, leaving the consumers disgruntled.

initiatives aspires to make quality service accessible to the masses.

The One-Stop- Service destination for multiples brands

The Passion of Service We serve not out of compulsion, but it’s our passion. To provide service is our core business; not just an annexure to the products that we are selling. Therefore, we are in a superior position to serve you better.

The Services without Limitations: Crossing over the confinements of the all brands, we offer services where the satisfaction of the customers is the first and foremost aim. We have formed our service policy on the basis of flexibility and cooperation where the customers enjoy the highest level of comfort and convenience.

Combining Advantages of All: Be it your local technician’s shop or the service centre of all brands. Each destination has some unique advantages. We combine the benefits of everything in our service offerings and bring it to you by touching the future of technical support in India. Get ready to make the most of everything.

Trust, Reliability, Warranty We guarantee expert repairs and back it with our repair warranty. Touch is the authorized service provider of leading brands.

Training, Certification, Excellence Each technician is either factory trained and certified or has undergone years of training as well as independent certification. When you entrust your valuable appliances to us.

The Cost Effectiveness: Enjoy the cost advantages when you approach Touch for the services that you need for your electronic gadgets. Service and spares are available at competitive prices. Enjoy the value for money when you get served by our company.

Our Services

  • Hardware Services
  • Software Services
  • Network Services
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  • MOBILE NO. 9827335881,930347700,8817777780
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